New Build Lift Pit Waterproofing

We were asked by a Building Contractor to design a suitable waterproofing system for a new build lift pit, following the placing of the order one of our teams got to work on applying a multi coat render system to the blockwork walls and concrete floor, high detailing to the vulnerable floor wall joint was undertaken using hydraulic setting compounds.

Upon completion of the multi coat render system, a new concrete floor is to be laid upon which new blockwork walls are to be constructed, this detail will both protect the waterproofing system and provide suitable fixing points for the lift mechanisms.

As access was available to the outer section of the lift pit a serviceable Geo-textile wrapped land drain was installed along with a second multi coat render system.

To ensure the waterproofing system was not damaged by the contractor, during the concrete floor installation and blockwork wall construction, several site visits from our contracts manager were undertaken.