By Royal Appointment – Basement Waterproofing At Royal Mill Manchester

The towering Royal Mill in Ancoats Manchester, has a history dating back more than 100 years and has been a grade 2 listed building since 1988. In 1912 Royal Mill was constructed using terracotta and Accrington brick, along with cast iron columns and concrete floors, in a baroque (Edwardian) style, with a superb location close by the city and next to the Rochdale canal, which was used to provide power and transport links.

The comprehensive restoration project received a coveted award in 2007 from the RICS, by 2008 the building was beginning to be occupied and now is a thriving hub, the latest step in this development is to utilize the large impressive basement, to house more commercial offices, providing much needed space for the ever-growing city-centre population to work.

Following contact by the Architects’  we were delighted to have been chosen to design and subsequently install the basement waterproofing systems, using Type C (Drained Protection) Cavity Drain Membranes, specific drainage, sumps and pumping systems, a maintenance plan was also drawn up to ensure the systems installed continue to provide maximum protection and efficiency.