Arrest Of Structural Masonry

Due to neglect of building maintenance rainwater had been allowed to enter the roof structure to a restaurant in Didsbury, near Manchester, the result was that the wet rot fungal species Coniphora puteana has destroyed the bearing end of a King Post Roof Truss, that had crushed the bearing end some 100mm, the imposed loading resulted in the roof structure pushing out the external masonry, to a point of collapse.

Obviously, the masonry required rebuilding but this needed to involve the propping of the roof structure first, the Structural Engineer on the project was concerned that when the weight was eased from the masonry, collapse of the masonry would result, we then got involved to provide and installed – carefully, steel restraint bars some 6.0m long complete with turn-buckles and end plates.

Following the successful installation of the restraint bars, the roof load was eased, the Truss replaced and the masonry rebuilt, the restraint bars were carefully removed during the re-building works.