A Sound Solution

Working in conjunction with an Architectural Practice in Stockport and an Acoustic Consultant based in Lymm, it was established following an ambient noise survey, that an unacceptable level of noise transmission from the neighbouring properties was being experienced by the client.

As such a specification was produced based upon BS8233:1999, and the following remedial works were carried out by our skilled technicians.

The existing party walls were exposed back to bare masonry, with all the mortar joints then prepared and fully re-pointed, following this the masonry was rendered using an acoustic render system. The curing of the render was carefully monitored over 8 days with all moisture content readings logged.

Once the required moisture readings were achieved, a Gypliner framework was installed with all penetrations into the render sealed with acoustic sealant, acoustic quilting was then fitted within the framework, followed by two layers of acoustic boards and a skim plaster finish, all electrical outlets were altered to suit along with the addition of acoustic putty pads.

Upon completion including all the required joinery adaptations, the whole property was professionally cleaned and decorated; a second ambient noise survey noise was undertaken with the results meeting the required criteria, the property was then handed back to the client, who was exceptionally pleased with both the performance results and workmanship.