Collapsed Roof Truss – Radcliffe

The Senior Project Manager for Bolton Corporate Property Services contacted us to provide a specification and solution to a collapsed Arch Braced Roof Truss within the library, our inspection revealed an outbreak of Dry Rot to the Truss bearing end and the supporting Corbel and Corbel Post.

We thus advised that an investigative survey was undertaken in order to verify the full extent of the outbreak and to ensure that the client was not going to be presented with any “surprise” additional costs during the proposed remedial work.

The investigative survey, carried out after school hours, proved very informative as the fungus had not only consumed the Truss bearing end, Corbel and Corbel post but also the adjacent hidden timber Lintel over the exit doors, the frame to the exit doors and the skirting boards.

The repairs were undertaken by our qualified team, with “Russ” our Joiner acquiring much praise for his impressive repair to the Truss and machining of the Corbel, the repair also met the Structural Engineers calculations, similarly the re-plastering was well praised as the bull nose edges to all the corners needed to match the existing and were all done “free hand” by our plastering team.

Upon completion, we undertook the full redecoration of the Library using our own decorator “Chris” rebuilt all the free standing book shelves and then engaged our Cleaners to clean all the areas we worked in.

“You can’t tell you have been here” commented “Phil” the caretaker.