Fibroporia vaillantii Now Off The Menu

This project was awarded to us through our well established relationship with an Architectural practice in Stockport, working with the appointed main contractor on this scheme in Manchester, this former Chinese restaurant is undergoing full refurbishment to be transformed into offices for Age UK, which is the UK’s largest charity for working with and for older people.

Our involvement was to replace all the suspended timber ground floors due to an extensive outbreak of Fibroporia vailanttii – this type of fungus is a wet rot and sometimes referred to as the mine fungus.

Over 150 square metres of new treated timber flooring is required all of which span over an unused basement, as a part of the treatment program underway we are to install a Cavity Drain Waterproofing System to the entire basement floor including a Skirt Wall Membrane detail, Drainage System and Pumping Systems, all designed to deal with the ingress of free ground water into the basement.

This ground water ingress is currently responsible for the high humidity levels within the basement, which has resulted in the fungal outbreak as aforementioned.