Garden Ground Water Management System

A home owner contacted us to resolve a longstanding issue with ground water from a sloping garden,  during rainfall the water flowed over the footpath to the side elevation then across the front elevation and finally ending up flooding the garage.

Following a site investigation it was agreed that the soil adjacent to the side elevation was to be excavated and removed from site, a three layer geo-drainage membrane was installed to the exposed side elevation, terminating with a profile strip at finished floor level.

Within the base of the excavation two geo-textile wrapped perforated land drains were installed, including two feeder pipes and service ports (used to periodically flush the land drains with water via a hose pipe).

The land drains terminated within a pre-formed sump chamber containing an automatic submersible pump, that discharges into the adjacent drainage outlet.

The ground was backfilled with free flowing granular material, apart from the top 100mm, were compacted aggregate was used to support the re-laying of the existing flags on mortar spots, the flags were fully re-pointed on completion, the result – no flooded garage!