Courtyard Deck – New Build Waterproofing

Our expertise was called upon once more by a Cheshire based Building Contractor who was constructing fourteen flats in Stockport; the reason was to waterproof the courtyard over retail units on the ground floor.

The difficulty was that the courtyard was split into three sections all at different levels; the waterproofing system chosen was based upon a polymer elasticized compound, applied over a screed laid over the concrete.

The screed was carefully laid to falls, terminating in serviceable flush surface drainage channels, discharging into the surface drainage system, detailing at all abutting wall junctions consisted of four separate layers, lapped to provide water tightness and finished with a neat chased and pointed lead capping detail.

Adjustable stools supported the final finished flag surface that neatly concealed the surface drainage channels and provides excellent protection to the polymer waterproofing.