Dry Rot to a Church – Oswaldtwistle

The Architectural practice PB Projects contacted us to eradicate an outbreak of the wood destroying fungus Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) to the Altar Floor at St Mary’s Church, Oswaldtwistle, upon removal of the floorboards and York Stone walkways, the full extent of the mycelium from fungus was verified.

All defective flooring timbers were removed and replaced with new pre-treated timbers including re-claimed floorboards which were sourced, prepared and treated on site prior to fixing, as a match to the existing was required.

Improvements to the sub floor ventilation were made along with the sterilization of all the adjoining prepared exposed masonry.
A damaged external drain was discovered to have allowed rainwater to enter the Church and increase the moisture levels within the sub floor void, thus providing an ideal environment for the fungus to develop.

The works were undertaken with no disruption to the weekly events associated with the Church.