Arcon Village – Bolton

We were contacted by Redrow Homes (Lancashire) Ltd to provide a solution to the replacement of decayed bearing ends on several yellow pitch pine King Post Trusses, with a span in excess of 10 metres, but the repairs needed to be virtually invisible, to satisfy the requirements of English Heritage.

We arranged for the trusses to be craned off the 3 storey stone building on the conservation construction site at Arcon Village, Horwich, whereby the defective bearing ends were carefully removed and used as templates for the replacement sections, which were machined at our workshop in Worsley, Manchester.

With the use of Structural Grouts and reinforcement bars with a diameter of 25mm the repairs were completed, over several days, as you can see from the completed photos, the repairs were indeed virtually invisible, needless to say the main contractor was delighted with the high standard of workmanship and attention to detail.

A second contract was awarded to H2O Remedial Services on the same site to eradicate an outbreak of the wood destroying fungus Serpula lacrymans, Dry Rot, which had developed to areas of structural flooring timbers.