Structural Timber Engineering Repairs

Timber decay, either at the end of a beam or mid span usually means that extensive opening up is required to replace the defective section, using steel plates as support for the replacement section. This destructive approach can sometimes be unnecessary; however it is essential that all the required sterilization treatments are carried out to ensure that the timber decay and the type of attack have been fully established.

Replacement of the decayed timber with treated structurally connected resin bonded units is a unique solution; no other method comes close to this level of specification, with the repair having greater structural strength than the parent timber, yet provides the visual and practical advantages of the original in terms of shape, appearance, location and ease of fixing.



Cosmetic repairs can also be undertaken using resins and moulding mortars so that graining, staining or painting can be applied to match the original.


Our Surveyors are fully trained, qualified and experienced, thus they have a vast range of solutions at their disposal to solve your timber repair/decay problems; we also work with local Structural Engineers who provide written calculations to support the proposed timber engineering repair.