Cementitious Multi-coat Renders

Cementitious_Multicoat_Render.gif_10062010-1657-05Cementitious Multi-coat renders are modified renders and slurries which are resistant to liquid water but allow some water vapour penetration.

They can be applied internally, externally or sandwiched between the structure which is usually concrete, forming a Type A (barrier) protection as outlined in BS8102 2009.

Cementitious membranes can be easily applied onto curved and intricate surfaces.

However, because they stop water at the point of entry, pressure can build up behind the membrane and it is important that the structure is capable of accepting the induced stresses that may result.

Cementitious Multi-coat Renders can also be incorporated in conjunction with Type B (structurally integral) and Type C (drained) waterproofing, thus providing combined protection to the structure, which is recommended on new build projects.

Our CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) qualified Surveyors will assess the structure to which the Cementitious Multi-coat Render is to be applied to, all in accordance with BS8102 “code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”, and specify accordingly.