Asbestos Awareness Training

January 12, 2011

As part of our commitment to training the entire H2O team attended an Asbestos Awareness Training Course to ensure that should we come across this product during the course of our works, the correct procedures can be safely followed.

Asbestos-343x257.jpg_12012011-1351-21Despite the ban of all Asbestos containing materials in 1999, more people sadly die of Asbestos related diseases than are killed on our roads each year in the UK, around 4000.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with white Asbestos being the most common; the fibres of all types of Asbestos tend to break into tiny fibres up to 700 times smaller than a human hair.

Asbestos is probably the best insulator known to man and has many useful properties; hence it has been used in over 3000 products.

The most common way for Asbestos to enter the body is through breathing, the fibres become trapped in the lungs causing health problems.

Following an exam at the end of the course, we are pleased to say that the entire team passed and were presented with an industry recognised Asbestos Awareness Training Certificate, presented by the course tutor Mr Phil McCarrick.

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