Sump Pump Servicing

Sump-Pump-ServicingAs part of our commitment to customer service and to ensure maximum efficiency from the heart of your structural waterproofing system, the sump pump(s), we recommend that our 10 point “Clean & Check” is carried out on an annual basis, by our Service Engineer, this also is a requirement under the terms of any issued Insurance Backed Guarantees for structural waterproofing systems. .

In order to maintain peak pump performance, provide peace of mind and to maintain your trouble free basement our 10 point “Clean & Check” includes the following:-

  1. Remove the pump unit from the sump
  2. Clean out the sump chamber and pump (standard chamber)
  3. Inspect the running sequence of the pump
  4. Inspect the alarm system (if installed)
  5. Check the back-up system (if installed)
  6. De-scale the sump and pump
  7. Check the water discharge pipe for blockages
  8. Flush out the perimeter drainage system (if installed)
  9. Replace defective parts as necessary (parts may incur a charge)
  10. Test the pump ensuring maximum efficiency

Should the pump upon inspection warrant replacement, then you will be notified of the replacement cost and your agreement will be required prior to the installation of a new pump(s).

When your pump(s) is due its “Clean & Check” you will receive a notification letter, which contains all the information you need.

It’s all part of the service!

Please note: We can service your sump pump(s) even if we did not install your substructure waterproofing system or sump pump station, please contact the office to book your inspection.