Sump Pump Service/System Maintenance

As part of our commitment to customer service and to ensure maximum efficiency from your structural waterproofing system, the sump pump(s) if installed, require crucial maintenance as does any installed drainage system. As a general rule maintenance must be at least annually, but could be increased to either every 6 or 3 months dependant upon ground conditions.

This is to be undertaken by our Pump Service Engineer, which also is a requirement under the terms of any issued Guarantee for structural waterproofing systems/garden pumping systems, failure would render any issued Guarantee void in the event of flooding.

The service/maintenance would involve the following:-

  1. Remove the pump unit from the sump
  2. Clean out the sump chamber and pump (standard size chamber)
  3. De-scale the sump and pump (if necessary)
  4. Check the water discharge pipe for blockages
  5. Flush out the perimeter floor wall joint drainage system (if installed), which would also clean out any floor chases within the basement floor slab
  6. Replace 9v battery, if battery operated high level water alarm has been installed
  7. Test the pump ensuring maximum efficiency
  8. Recommend the duration before the next service

The cost for the aforementioned is £140.00 plus VAT per standard sump pump system, (within a 40 mile radius from our office) should the pump require replacement then the additional cost will be provided for your approval, prior to installation.

Pease note: We only service Structural Waterproofing /Garden Systems installed by ourselves.