Structural Injection Technology

New_MC_LogoTo complement our existing extensive range of waterproofing solutions H2O Remedial Services are proud to offer you a full range of structural and waterproofing solutions that take advantage of the bespoke MC Building Chemicals range of products.

We are an approved MC Building Chemicals contractor, after extensive training at MC Chemicals HQ in Germany, and we are subsequently one of only a handful of specialists in the UK with this structural and waterproofing technology and expertise.


This state of the art waterproofing is used in Lift Pits (usually the lift mechanisms can remain in place) leaking construction joints, multi storey car parks, and water entering a structure under pressure, just to mention a few.

Please click on the following link to view the MC Car Park Brochure that explains the potential problems that can be encountered and the unique solutions to solve those problems, this brochure also provides a further insight into this specilized form of waterproofing existing structures, MC Car Park Brochure