Basement Waterproofing Systems (Cellar Conversions)

1. Why choose a basement conversion

One of the main reasons for choosing a basement conversion is the lack of suitable living space in many properties, balanced against the cost of moving to a larger property, taking into account stamp duty, moving costs and of course, the cost of the larger property. Or, perhaps you just want to maximise on your property and create the leisure space you have always dreamed of, in which case you will have an investment that you can enjoy every day.

2. What are the most popular uses for a basement conversion

A basement conversion can provide a complete new floor level, providing multiple rooms that can be used for any purpose, i.e. Media Room * Playroom * Games Room* Gymnasium/Sauna * Bedroom * Nanny Suite* Bathroom * Utility or a combination of any of these – the possibilities are endless.

3. How much head height can I have?

Generally, this is subject to the position of the existing foundations, but usually a head height of between 2.1 and 2.3m is achievable.


4. Can I live in the property while the works are in progress?

The majority of our clients remain in their homes during their basement conversion, which is a major advantage. We excavate in the front garden, (if applicable) where the window and light well will be. We then construct a secure covered hoarding around the area and this opening is used as our point of access throughout the works, we provide our own welface facilities too.

5. Do I need to advise my neighbours about the proposed basement conversion?

If you think that any work you are proposing might have an effect upon the structural strength or support function of the party wall, or might cause damage to the neighbouring side of the wall, notification must be made. It would be advisable to discuss your plans with your neighbour first. You may find that they have no objections. Even if they are not 100% supportive of your decision they will no doubt appreciate being asked for their opinion. Regardless of whether they agree to the work being undertaken, and if the planned work to an existing structure falls under the Party Wall Act, formal notice must be served.

6. Are there any guarantees on the work?

Yes, As members of the CGS Ltd (Construction Guarantee Services) we are able to offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee issused by a UK based FSA authorised and regulated insurance company, on all Structural Waterproofing Systems compliant with BS8102.

7.What kind of costs would I be looking at?

Because there are so many considerations to be taken into account, we feel it could be misleading to provide any costs here, but if you would like to call and discuss your proposed project with Ian who has been assssed by the School of Waterproofing and holds the nationally recognised CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structral Waterproofing) qualification, then please ring him on 0161 425 7595, in most instances we will be able to provide a verbal budget cost prior to booking a site survey, following the no pressure survey, we will produce a detailed report, specification, estimate and AutoCAD prepared plans.